West Midlands Photography Club at the Botanical Gardens

This summer we braved the weather to do an all out mega shoot in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. You may notice a funky painted Kabuki character in the mix. Styled and painted by Sherry Armitage who also models. She is absolutly amazing and you should hire her for all your body paint needs! She does FULL glitter too!

Team details:

1. Tara Cook with MU by Sal Akhtar & Hair by Helen (Whimsical Sorceress)

2. Chynna with MU by Sal Akhtar

3. Tia Burke with MU by Mariya

4. Ivy Rose with MU by Mariya

5. Amethyst with body paint MU and design by Helen

6. Helen MU by Mariya

7. Kimono by Elizabeth


Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming and we are looking forward to another year of kimono fun! We have already started to get requests from conventions and groups for 2013 so put in your request early so we can work with you!

Next year we shall be adding to our kimono collections for shows to keep the fashion fresh and so we don’t use the same kimono over and over again! We meet the same people convention after convention so we always like to have something new for you to dress in!

Isla and I are seasoned professionals so we can help you with your Japanese culture corporate event as well as fashion shoots for portfolio work.

For conventions and events we charge £100 per kimono bearing person (traditionally two of us so that’s £200) plus travel costs. In this economic climate we have been asked what they get for £100 per person so here it is:

– One person travels and works a full day for you
– This person provides all kimono and accessories as well as taking due risk of damage to their own collection

The kimono we use are not purchased specifically for hire, they are part of our own collections that we choose to share with you. We sometimes purchase kimono that are great for demos but too impractical for our everyday wear but if we could find occasion we would!

Merry Christmas to all and we will probably see you at a convention in the new year!

Kimono, Isla, Kanzashi and Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution

Well I knew it was happening but our very own Isla Wong was featured on Paul Martins Handmade Revolution yesterday due to her fantastic kanzashi handiwork. She was one of the finalists in the show.

She received great comments on her work and came across really well. It is episode 7 on the iplayer.

The kanzashi:

The outfit:


But of course watching the show is where you get to see the kanzashi in detail. This piece is available to buy on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/97785821/maiko-sakura-tsumami-kanzashi-set