West Midlands Photography Club at the Botanical Gardens

This summer we braved the weather to do an all out mega shoot in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. You may notice a funky painted Kabuki character in the mix. Styled and painted by Sherry Armitage who also models. She is absolutly amazing and you should hire her for all your body paint needs! She does FULL glitter too!

Team details:

1. Tara Cook with MU by Sal Akhtar & Hair by Helen (Whimsical Sorceress)

2. Chynna with MU by Sal Akhtar

3. Tia Burke with MU by Mariya

4. Ivy Rose with MU by Mariya

5. Amethyst with body paint MU and design by Helen

6. Helen MU by Mariya

7. Kimono by Elizabeth


West Midlands Photography Meet Up – Geisha & Samurai Theme

This summer I have worked with the West Midlands Photography group twice to add some Japanese fashion & culture to their group shoots. The team is large and I was the main stylist on this shoot.

The team:
Model: China Doll
MUA: Elizabeth Hitchins and Ellesia Burton
Designer: Elizabeth Hitchins
Studio: SS Creative

Modern Kimono Style
Model: Kat Yip
MU: Kat Yip
Designer: Elizabeth Hitchins
Studio: SS Creative

Red Uchikake
Model: Elle J
MUA: Ellesia Burton
Designer: Elizabeth Hitchins and Mark Kenwood
Studio: SS Creative

Black Yukata
Model: Stella Dymock (Stella Tequila)
MU: Stella Dymock
Designer: Elizabeth Hitchins
Studio: SS Creative
Model: Jon Bunting
Designer: Elizabeth Hitchins
Studio: SS Creative

Romantic Kimono Photoshoot & Published in Ellements Magazine

This week images from a recent photoshoot were included in Ellements Magazine Nov 2015 (V2).

I loved doing this shoot as it was super soft, fun and romantic. In these images we explored a softer “Regency Lolita Kimono Style” with the pink furisode and bonnet, adding in some vintage china!

The purple furisode and fantastic headdress were more of a British kitch couture look for my take on Harajuku fashion.

My favourite is the work with the teal iromuji producing a soft romantic look as well as a super vogue ensemble with the smock and absence of an obi.

Enjoy the images!

Photographer: Sian Robertson
Concept, Dressing & Styling: Elizabeth Hitchins
Mua: Belinda Maines
Models: Bethany & Deean from Tyne Tees
Kanzashi: Kornelia Jer & Isla Wong
Headress: Joanna Stokes

Men in Kimono with Robert Smith

We have been working with Robert Smith an alternative model on a few shoots recently. Two very different looks tried here. It was a new medium for Rob and he managed it very well. The urban shoot was super windy & cold too!

Men in Kimono with Robert Smith aka “Ugly Rob” with Portrait X (Harajuku Themed Blue Kimono) and Thirteen Photography (Urban Look)

You can check out our facebook page to for links to all the artists & professionals involved in our projects.

Kimonophillia Live Fashion Installation

The website is now live for our collaboration project ‘Kimonophillia’


Liz from Eclectic Kimono was the lead stylist on this project with 2 other team members. Hong Luu as an assistant dresser and April Boyd as second photographer/assistant.

Such a project takes a big team, you can see the team involved here: http://kimonophilia.persephonestreet.com/#id85

But now for some photos!

These photos were taken by Enrico Garofalo and Mitchell Soliton. Edited by Yuca Ishizuka and in no way can be reproduced or used without express permission. If you would like to use these photos, please contact us.

New Stage Dance Kimono for Demonstrations, Photoshoots and Shows!

Here at EcK we love bright kimono and especially hikizuri kimono (trailing skirt) which are used by Geisha and dancers alike.




One is a lengthened dance kimono (the obi covers the navy break) and the other a stage kimono. Both have padded hems and great for geisha style dressing.

We have a photoshoot soon so watch out for new photos and great new styling ideas!