What we do

Kimono Fashion Shows

A 20-30 minute fashion show demonstrating the beauty of kimono in modern and traditional forms.

Kimono Dressing Demonstrations

Demonstration of formal furisode kimono dressing as well as Maiko and Geisha kitsuke. This can be tailored more traditional or more elaborate and funky dependent on the audience. Geisha cosplay demonstration are popular at anime and gaming conventions.


Personal or group photoshoots can be organised. We can provide kimono and styling for your shoot or help you organise a shoot with our partners.

Kimono Workshops

Each workshop can take up to 14 people, male and female. Wearing kimono can be daunting, but our workshops start you off at a beginners pace with yukata dressing (cotton festival kimono) and then we move on to more complicated dressing with a full kimono and obi. We provide all kimono/yukata but can also source items for the group to purchase.

Kimono Parties

We can also some along to your party, gathering or hen do for a full kimono makeover for your guests. Be it Geisha cosplay or traditional kitsuke you desire. We can also introduce your guests to real Geisha make up fun!

Kimono Styling for Media

When ever you need an icon of Japanese traditional or pop culture we can style and provide the kimono to your artistic direction. We accept corporate events also.

Kimono Consultancy

Need advice for your project? Lets us know what you need!

Kimono for Charity

We love to raise money for charity and get involved with Japanese societies and groups around the UK. If you are a non-profit organisation, drop us an email, we might be able to help you with your activities and fundraising!

Kimono Hostess

Holding an event and need servers dressed in kimono? Our team can serve tea and welcome guests in full kimono for your event. Most of our team have a basic level of Japanese also if this is required.


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