Our prices vary mostly due to travel costs.

A normal event would be £300 per day for one person + travel and food/accommodation when needed. Each additional team member needed will carry an extra cost.

We provide all kimono that were once part of our personal collections and these range from full wedding kimono, to cotton festival kimono for men and women. However we can discuss your exact needs.

We have extensive personal collections that we can arrange for you to hire for your project/event also and costs here ca be discussed on a case by case basis.

Extra hands on deck:

We charge £100 per person for the first day, and then £75 for a second day plus expenses (hotel,travel – we always keep these to a minimum for our clients and book in advance to save money)

Each person comes with extensive knowledge as well as around 17kg of kimono and accessories which are from their personal collections (they take on all accepted risk of damage etc)

At each event we recommend a minimum of 2 team members dependent on subject and availability. Photoshoots normally only require 1 stylist.

Consultation, styling and art direction is included in this price unless one of our team members needs to be on site for preparation beforehand. If an event is large we can organise additional runners and dressers for £50 a day.

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