Need a Kimono Wardrobe Stylist?

Eclectic Kimono is named as such for we have interesting, fashionable and workable stylists within our team. If you are looking for a professional kimono wardrobe stylist for your project then look no further.

We can create unique styles to reflect your project or consult on trends and themes for you.

We have worked on photoshoots, events, fashion shows and in the cosplay arena.

Contact us on to discuss your project needs!


Being kimono fans for years Isla and I have built up plenty of experience and skills regarding kimono and its place in our culture.

Between us we have over 100 kimono and personally wear kimono often. We take part and organise local kimono meets and events with societies and social groups around the UK.

Our professional experience includes photoshoots, shows, demos and workshops. We have worked with J-culture events such as HyperJapan and also conventions such as Kitacon and Alcon.

We continually expand our experience as a professional service, in dressing kimono  as well as developing our own unique style.

We have a team!

Our team consists of dedicated kimono enthusiasts who can be available for your events subject to availability. ALL of our core team have experience in demonstrations, talks, fashions shows and working at large expositions.

We can organise a team of up to 4/5 people at a time.


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