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Coming Up:

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Past Events:

J-con 2013 – Kimono Dress Ups

Yukata Dressing – Japan Matsuri 2013

Mcm London 2013 – Kimono Dressing Stall

Alcon 2013 – Kimono Dress Ups

Hyper Japan Summer 2013 – Assisting Kimono de Go

Alcon 2012 – Kimono Dress Ups

Confusion2012 – Keele University 16th June from 4pm in the lounge – Kimono Panel, demo and questions.

JCon – Derby Riverside Centre on the 15th of September. A kimono ‘drop in and dress up’ workshop which will include a real Kyoto geisha (geiko) kimono in season for September!

Twisted Tea Party at Japanarama on Saturday 24th March,The Canal House Nottingham. – Providing Kimono, dressing and hostess services

KitaCon 2012 from 13th – 15th April 2012, Birmingham – Kimono Stall and Maiko/Geisha Cosplay Panel showing the beauty of kimono in a cosplay theme.

Alcon 2011 – Kimono Demo and 3 Workshops

An evening in Kyoto – Kimono demonstration at a formal dinner Birmingham

Hyper Japan 2011 – Kimono Fashion Show

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