Alcon 2013 Kitsuke Drop in Workshops!


I (Liz) will be running a series of drop in workshops on how to wear kimono and yukata on the Saturday of Alcon (5th-8th September) I will bring a selection of kimono but will also help you learn how to dress in your own.

Learn how to wear yukata and tie a bunko obi knot, as well as more traditional kimono dressing with an otaiko obi knot.

This is an informal workshop, and cosplay kimono questions also addressed! Want to wear your kimono like Geisha or Oiran? You can ask here.

Workshops will be drop in and each slot will be 45 minutes:

Starting at:


On a first come first served basis, limited kimono and space available.

Link to forum:

We will be at Alcon 2012 again this year…


Kimono all day drop in centre!

See the forum post:

We will be dressing formally or in Geisha/Samurai style for fun!

Looking for a Kimono Experience or Kimono Wardrobe Stylist?


Our great team of kimono enthusiasts are ready to discuss any kind of project you have be it modern or traditional!

Contact us through email style [@] and lets us see what we can do!

We can cater for projects from film to personal to corporate events!

Confusion 2012 – Keele University 16th June – Kimono Panel from 4pm


We shall be at Confusion in Keele conducting a kimono panel from 4pm in the lounge! Make sure you come along to learn about the wonderful world of kimono!

We shall be doing a short demo and also letting you try on and dress yourself.

See you there!

Come and try on Kimono at JCon Derby 15th September!


Full details to be confirmed however this is what I wrote for the JCon website:

Come and visit Eclectic Kimono and try on one of their wonderful
collection of genuine vintage and modern kimono. You can have the chance
to try on a full coming of age kimono with long swinging sleeves, as well
as summer festival kimono and a real Kyoto geisha (geiko) kimono with
kanzashi. For the guys we have vintage kimono and hakama.

As it is September I will be bringing my September geiko kimono for attendees to try on:

Baka Hime In Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri (2)

This is a fantastic chance to try on a real geisha kimono IN season!

We will be dressing for fun and photos but also if you need kimono advice we are glad to help.

Full details to come soon but for now check out:

Eclectic Kimono at Japanorama


Eclectic kimono were at Nottingham Pagan Prides Japanorama Saturday providing hostess services, kimono rental, kimono dressing and also a demo.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Make up and hair were provided by Esme Knight and further kimono by Kelly from her own collection.

Everyone enjoyed the day, the information provided and demo.

Our next demo and talk will be at Kitacon about Geisha and Samurai cosplay :)


A few workshop photos – Alcon





Thank you to Garry for these!

our attendees did super well for their first kimono dressing (by themselves) experience and we have had great positive feedback!

Alcon Demo and Workshops done!


Phew! What a manic day!

Thank you for those who turned out to our kitsuke and maiko cosplay demo as well as those who attended our kimono dressing workshops! We need longer hakama for all you tall men next time!

We couldn’t take our own pictures this time but hope to gather those taken at our demo and workshops and post them shortly!

We will be at The Entertainment and Media Show 1st/2nd October – London


There will be a J-culture area at this years Entertainment and media show in London and this means lots of kimono goodness. In conjunction with two friends we will be contributing formal kitsuke/kimono demos on stage as well as kimono in cosplay workshops and yukata dressing all day. We will also have a stall selling kimono and kanzashi.

This years event sports starts such as Edward Furlong, Eve Miles, Alex Winter and many more from Dr Who, Harry Potter, Star trek and STAR WARS! You can tell which film means most to me :)

We will update as soon as our formal timetable is announced.

*Edited to add, due to budget restrictions Anime League has had to cancel our participation in this event*

Confirmation of Demo and Workshops at Alcon 2011 10th Sept


Kimono Demonstration

Ever wanted to really know how to wear kimono? Watch our detailed dressing demo of a wonderful furisode kimono. Furisode kimono are the most formal kimono for a young un-married woman, and the most decorative. We will also demonstrate a decorative obi knot, and provide a host of information regarding the wearing of kimono.

Kitsuke (Kimono Dressing) Workshop

We have limited places available on our kitsuke (kimono dressing) workshop. Dress a friend or yourself, we will guide you through the steps. In the workshop we can also cater to Men’s kitsuke.

You can either bring your own kimono ensemble or we have kimono and yukata available to borrow for the workshop.

Please let us know (via the forum) if you would like to participate in the workshop.

We will have select kimono related items and kanzashi available to buy on the day!


Saturday 10am-11am Queens Building – Kimono Demo, will include Geisha cosplay tips.
Saturday 2pm-2.40pm – Kimono Workshop
Saturday 2.40pm-3.20pm – Kimono Workshop
Saturday 3.20pm-4pm – Kimono Workshop *FULL*

We can take up to 12 people per workshop so plenty of space! *Edited to add a change in timetabling at the event.

About Alcon 2011 Leicester 8th-11th September:

We are a fun and friendly 800-person anime convention taking place over an epic four days for 2011! It’s just £30 for the full four day entry, and £25 a night for on-site accommodation which is less than 5 minutes walk away. With a dealers room, anime screenings, anime bar and night-club, artist ally, roleplaying, card-gaming, video-gaming, a cosplay cafe, DDRing, J-Culture, Cosplay Hangout, events, panels and much more, there is something for everyone, with more special events than you can shake a stick at!


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