Alcon & Jcon in September!

We shall we offering free kimono dressing services at Alcon (4-7th September) on the SATURDAY!

Liz from Eclectic Kimono ( will be running a series of drop in workshops on how to wear kimono and yukata on the Saturday of this year’s Alcon on 4-7 September. She will bring a selection of kimono but will also help you learn how to dress in your own.

Learn how to wear yukata and tie a bunko obi knot, as well as more traditional kimono dressing with an otaiko obi knot.

This is an informal workshop, and cosplay kimono questions also addressed! Want to wear your kimono like Geisha or Oiran? You can ask here.

Workshops will be drop in and each slot will be 45 minutes:

Starting at:


On a first come first served basis, limited kimono and space available. For £5 you can also be dressed as Geisha or Oiran

You can see the forum entry here:

But we are also attending Jcon Derby (19-20th September) on the SATURDAY.

Elizabeth Hitchen’s will be joining us to give a workshop on Kimono dressing. Kimono dressing is the traditional dressing as shown in the photographs.

J-Con attendees will get a chance to try on all manor of different styles and fittings of this traditional Japanese dress. ^_^

You can visit the page here:

To both events you will be able to dress up in not just yukata but full formal kimono.

See you there!

Looking for a Kimono Experience or Kimono Wardrobe Stylist?

Our great team of kimono enthusiasts are ready to discuss any kind of project you have be it modern or traditional!

Contact us through email style [@] and lets us see what we can do!

We can cater for projects from film to personal to corporate events!

Eclectic Kimono at Japanorama

Eclectic kimono were at Nottingham Pagan Prides Japanorama Saturday providing hostess services, kimono rental, kimono dressing and also a demo.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Make up and hair were provided by Esme Knight and further kimono by Kelly from her own collection.

Everyone enjoyed the day, the information provided and demo.

Our next demo and talk will be at Kitacon about Geisha and Samurai cosplay ūüôā


Geisha Kimono Dressing Demo at Alcon

Well Maiko strictly speaking (apprentice Geisha)

One of the workshops we do is to show people how to turn a normal vintage kimono into Geisha cosplay, as well as the limitations. Only a real susohiki/hikizuri kimono with accessories can give you the full effect needed. Geisha/Maiko kimono when obtained in the vintage state are still expensive and can be fragile. This is a robust vintage synthetic kimono, which can be used in cosplay effectively without breaking the bank.

This maiko dressing demonstration was done with a wedding kimono which are widely available and a wedding obi.

Image taken by: who attended the event.

Alcon Demo and Workshops done!

Phew! What a manic day!

Thank you for those who turned out to our kitsuke and maiko cosplay demo as well as those who attended our kimono dressing workshops! We need longer hakama for all you tall men next time!

We couldn’t take our own pictures this time but hope to gather those taken at our demo and workshops and post them shortly!