Kimonophillia Project Backstage Photos

This project was the most intense I have ever participated in. We had a brief based on our sponsors and a goal to promote transcultural collaboration.

We did two styling test runs, a rehearsal for the dressing and show as well as loads of planning work.

Kimonophilia is a not-for-profit art and social project which creates a platform for transcultural collaboration, research and events with a focus on the kimono. The project was born as a spin off event at the Japan Matsuri Festival 2012 in London. After two years of preparation and planning, it was launched as part of the festival this year with a site-specific, live, fashion installation on Trafalgar Square and in the courtyard of St Martin-in-the-Fields.
Kimonophilia makes it possible for everyone to enjoy cultural fusion and future transformation in kimono fashions.

Here are some backstage photos from the event:

A lot of hardwork goes into creating a fashion show!

Kimonophillia Live Fashion Installation

The website is now live for our collaboration project ‘Kimonophillia’

Liz from Eclectic Kimono was the lead stylist on this project with 2 other team members. Hong Luu as an assistant dresser and April Boyd as second photographer/assistant.

Such a project takes a big team, you can see the team involved here:

But now for some photos!

These photos were taken by Enrico Garofalo and Mitchell Soliton. Edited by Yuca Ishizuka and in no way can be reproduced or used without express permission. If you would like to use these photos, please contact us.

Looking for a Kimono Experience or Kimono Wardrobe Stylist?

Our great team of kimono enthusiasts are ready to discuss any kind of project you have be it modern or traditional!

Contact us through email style [@] and lets us see what we can do!

We can cater for projects from film to personal to corporate events!

Eclectic Kimono at Japanorama

Eclectic kimono were at Nottingham Pagan Prides Japanorama Saturday providing hostess services, kimono rental, kimono dressing and also a demo.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Make up and hair were provided by Esme Knight and further kimono by Kelly from her own collection.

Everyone enjoyed the day, the information provided and demo.

Our next demo and talk will be at Kitacon about Geisha and Samurai cosplay 🙂


We will be at The Entertainment and Media Show 1st/2nd October – London

There will be a J-culture area at this years Entertainment and media show in London and this means lots of kimono goodness. In conjunction with two friends we will be contributing formal kitsuke/kimono demos on stage as well as kimono in cosplay workshops and yukata dressing all day. We will also have a stall selling kimono and kanzashi.

This years event sports starts such as Edward Furlong, Eve Miles, Alex Winter and many more from Dr Who, Harry Potter, Star trek and STAR WARS! You can tell which film means most to me 🙂

We will update as soon as our formal timetable is announced.

*Edited to add, due to budget restrictions Anime League has had to cancel our participation in this event*

New demonstration kimono on the way!

Kimono that stand out from the stage and reach the back audience are great items for demonstration. We have recently acquired a new demonstration kimono.

Isn’t she beautiful!

She won’t be used till after November 🙂

Hyper Japan – Friday Focus Kimono Article

Kimono – Tradition Or Fashion?

If there is once piece of traditional fashion that has stood the test of time it is the Kimono. There are kimono for all ages and occasions, each with their own deep significance and rules for coordination.

One of the most iconic kimono is the furisode, with its long sleeves, colourful patterns and embroidery to die for. Furisode are worn mostly by unmarried women to signify that they are ready for marriage.

Once married, a woman has no need to swing her sleeves. Instead, she will wear houmongi that are decorated more subtlety and her sleeves will be shorter to indicate that she is no longer available.

When she attends her daughter’s wedding, she will wear a tomesode,which is elaborately decorated around the base of the kimono.

The kimono is not just a ceremonial garment, it can also be worn everyday. Indeed kimono’s literal meaning is “things to wear”. Although we can’t deny the deep cultural significance of the kimono, for the modern kimono lover, it is, in essence, a fashion.

So now, when fashion houses say that stripes are in this Autumn, you can look to increase your collection to include cool, silky, striped kimono. High fashion meets kimono!

Kimono are a vintage fashion explosion in all colours, patterns and motifs.

Whatever you consider ‘in’, you will find a kimono to complement the trend and you don’t have to listen to just the western fashion houses to tell you what’s hot, you can check out what is being seen in Tokyo, Kimono is it’s own art house.

Kimono-hime is a funky and fresh look on kimono fashion and you can see elements of the styles in the younger wearers at Kimono De Jack meetings in Japan. This is where you can see kimono fashion in all its glory, and keep up to date.

Yukata, which are cotton summer kimono worn by both men and women, have the fastest moving styles. Every year, Japanese fashion magazines are littered with the new styles. Yukata are an informal kimono garment, light, inexpensive and most commonly seen at outdoor festivals. Since they are the simplest to wear, they are a great way to start your collection.

Expand your wardrobe to include the essential vintage fashion – KIMONO!

By Elizabeth Hitchins and Isla Wong