Liz and Isla

A venture born out of pure passion, two friends hope to shape new ideals about kimono.

Using their own unique fashion styles they hope to create traditional and modern looks for kimono.

A kimono miscreant in the making – Elizabeth Hitchins:

Using her gothic/alternative roots she loves to add burlesque and unique styling to traditional and modern kimono ensembles. Liz loves meisen kimono with their geometric patterns and fantastic colours. Her signature favourite colour combination is Black and Red.

Both Isla and Liz have a love of corsetry so you see these influences in their styling.

She takes influences from alternative sub cultures in the UK and Japan and marry them with the unique look of kimono.

A kanzashi superstar – Isla Wong:

A folding genius, whether she is given a piece of silk or an obi. Isla can make ideas happen with her patience and skill.

Drawing from a love of fabric and the Victorian era you can see steam punk themes running though her kitsuke.

In contrast Isla has a very keen traditional eye for the subtle and beautiful.

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