Tips from a Stylist – A Guide to Kimono Corset Style

One of my favourite looks with kimono is wearing a corset around the middle. RockKimono2Now there are a few challenges with this as kimono are meant to be worn on a straight up straight down tube like body. This is so the lines are correct.

Kimono Too Long

Kimono are MEANT to be too long and this is why you see traditional kimono wearers have a fold under the obi. We can use this fold mechanism also in wearing a corset to correct the lines. This is a more difficult way to wear kimono & a corset as you need to know how to create this fold by setting the collar. Something you need to learn and perfect.
Rubens Girl
Kimono to your ankles

This is the easiest form as you don’t need to worry about setting a fold or adjusting too much. You can almost wrap and go. Remember left panel over right as you don’t want to be a zombie.

What corset?

So you don’t have issues with your lines flaring all over the place I always recommend an under bust corset. Kimono can’t cope with a chest at the best of times so you might find it awkward to dress in an over bust corset. It can be done though with a lot of tweaking!


Remember a kimono (womens kimono) have holes under the armpits so you need to make sure you are wearing maybe a shift or slip underneath. I like to wear capri leggings also, but that is a personal preference.

Have fun!

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Photographer: Sian Robertson

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