Come and try on Kimono at JCon Derby 15th September!

Full details to be confirmed however this is what I wrote for the JCon website:

Come and visit Eclectic Kimono and try on one of their wonderful
collection of genuine vintage and modern kimono. You can have the chance
to try on a full coming of age kimono with long swinging sleeves, as well
as summer festival kimono and a real Kyoto geisha (geiko) kimono with
kanzashi. For the guys we have vintage kimono and hakama.

As it is September I will be bringing my September geiko kimono for attendees to try on:

Baka Hime In Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri (2)

This is a fantastic chance to try on a real geisha kimono IN season!

We will be dressing for fun and photos but also if you need kimono advice we are glad to help.

Full details to come soon but for now check out:

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