Eclectic Kimono joins Pagan Pride at the Twisted Tea Ceremony

Myself, Isla and other members of our team will be joining in the Twisted Tea Party at Japanarama on Saturday 24th March, The Canal House,Nottingham. We will be serving tea in our own wonderful kimono and providing the outfit for one of the dancers.

One of the dancers will wear this kimono:

eclectic kimono

and we are currently sizing up a matching obi:

One of our two dance obi which are very ‘Sakuran

Oiran Odori Obi

Dance obi

or a more subdued wedding maru obi:

fukuro obi

The dancer I think is small enough so we can tie Darari obi (Maiko style obi) which swings beautifully in a dance.

In this photoshoot we tied the last obi this way:


The outfit needs to really stand out and be bright as the dancer will be imitating maiko (junior geisha) and they wear the brightest ensembles. Plus the bright asthetic is always pleasing to the western eye when more subdued and subtle outfits are craved by kimono lovers.

Isla and I will be wearing more subtle ‘Tea Ceremony’ themed kimono as the point is not to outshine your customers. We will both be wearing iromuji (one colour kimono) as this is traditional. I am sure our accessories will be a little funkier to match our style though.


Aoyama Okiya’s Kikuame will also be attending the event:

Aoyama Okiya is a small troupe of entertainers that specialise in preserving the traditional arts of the Geisha.
Based in England, we hope to show you the beauty of the traditions of Japan and give you insight into the ‘floating world’.
We are NOT Geisha, however we do try our best to bring some of the magic of Kyoto to you, so that you may experience the beauty of this rare artform.

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